Sperry – Let the odyssey begin

Sperry Top-Sider is a fully American brand. For over 75 years, a lot of different generations had made these shoes became part of their everyday life and keep on sharing with the brand a strong passion for the sea and the outdoor life. Today more than ever, Sperry’s incredible history deeply echoes all over the world.

One day in 1935, while he was watching his Labrador, Prince, running in the snow on a cold Connecticut day, Paul Sperry noticed that the dog was able to dart effortlessly across the ice. He looked at Prince’s paws and he saw hundreds of little grooves, oriented in different directions. These grooves, that look like waves, inspired Paul Sperry’s most famous license, the “Razor-SipingTM”, and had a central role in order to optimize the adherence and the performances of the first “Sperry Top-Sider Authentic Original”, produced in 1935.

Since the invention of the first boat shoe, Sperry Top-Sider keeps on sharing its “Passion for the Sea” with people who enjoy life in, on and around the Ocean! Today the traditional boat shoe is part of a wonderful footwear collection for all tastes and for every situation: modern and colorful, classic and premium. In addition to the iconic “A/O 2-Eye”, the original boat shoe in brown leather and with a non-slip sole, the collection is composed by a number of new nautical inspired shoes. Sperry Top-Sider products are available in more than 25 different colors and with lot of marine inspired prints.