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Area Sport - Sperry


A decades long adventure. The first boat shoe ever made, born from the heart of the sailors. A timeless classic for every experienced seafarer man, always ready to discover new routes.

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Area Sport - O'Neill


“I just wanted to surf longer” – Jack O’Neill.
A legend for surf lovers. Innovative techniques and materials to overcome their limits everywhere, at sea, in the mountains or in the city. All in the maximum comfort.

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Area Sport - Emu Australia


Every element in Emu is inspired by Australia: pure Australian and Woolmark Sheepskin, innovative techniques and craftsmanship, completely water resistant with sophisticated details and great comfort.

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Area Sport - Scholl


A history filled with style, beauty and comfort. Pescura® have always been a style icon: from Twiggy to Jean Shrimpton to the contemporary woman, Scholl is a trendy footwear that gives you wellness at every step.

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Area Sport - Moonstar


An historical Japanese brand brought to Italy from Area Sport. Born in 1873, is one of the few producers in  the world to use an exclusive rubber vulcanization process to make soft and naturally elastic sneakers, perfectly waterproof and very durable over time.

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Area Sport - Shoes Like Pottery


A precious name for these sneakers that have the quality exclusiveness of the products Made in Japan. Their soft and flexible sole, very durable over time, is the result of the special Japanese vulcanization technique called “karyu”. The design has the clean strokes of Japanese understatement. Area Sport couldn’t miss out on the high level of quality and attention to detail typical of Kurume’s craftsmanship.

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Vibram: an authentic revolution in the footwear scene, their original and innovative concept granted them many awards. Vibram technology has always been associated with quality and style.

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Area Sport - Sanqvist


Sandqvist is a Scandinavian brand with a refined design focused on the functionality of everyday accessories. For its attention to details and respect for nature, it has always been considered a meeting point between a cult item and responsible consumption.

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